Our Story

Khajiit Gamer began life as a variety fan site in January 2014. Made possible by our contributors from across the world, our site hosted Khajiit fiction, lore, recipes, giveaways, reviews, guild interviews, and our thoughts on The Elder Scrolls Online. Khajiit Gamer was an undeniable success, but our scope proved to be too large to control. Following the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, our attention was more focused on playing the game than maintaining our website. As of September 2015, we have taken a more focused approach to our brand and are proud to produce the Khajiit Gamer Webcomic. Whether you are a fan of the Khajiit, or a fan of Webcomics, we hope you will enjoy our combination of both.

Written By Kevin Larsen

Khajiit Gamer marks Kevin's first attempt at developing the concept and writing a Webcomic. With 10 years of Webmaster and Information Technology experience, Kevin looks forward to exploring his creative possibilities.

Art By Ibai Canales

Ibai Canales is a spanish artist and writer, and has worked in webcomics such as Weregun or CU Next Tuesday and has had the honor of seeing his work pubished in Heavy Metal Magazine. He bides his time doing extremely geeky stuff, like building his own Mandalorian armor. Strangely, he has no cats.

Khajiit Gamer

Thank you for visiting Khajiit Gamer. We hope you enjoy our work.